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Annual Meeting 2019

November already, and my first AGM! The excitement (and stress) had been building in anticipation for the arrival of the Ladies of the Fed, but the meeting went off with the usual SHWI swagger while still ticking all the necessary boxes and getting all the important stuff boxed off for the year.  Rachel, Laura and Mary worked incredibly hard to do all the official business required and I think our esteemed visitors were suitably impressed.

The highlight of this had to be Laura’s presentation, as always in her inimitable style.  It was actually quite emotional looking back on all the activities we have got through this last year.  This is my second year, and i think I only missed two, maybe three meetings. The diversity still beggars belief, my personal faves were of course Majid and Charleston, but I surprised myself enjoying the coffee presentation and actually now own my own stove top coffee maker and actually know what to buy when I’m stood bewildered in the coffee aisle!  Flower arrangements are still way out of my skill set I am afraid, but I still had fun trying!

SHWI to me is all about getting stuck in, I love the spin off groups, the fundraising events, I experienced my first weekend away this year, and I love seeing what the other groups get up to as well.  Some people just like to come to the meeting and that is also great, next year’s programme is already looking really great. So thank you Laura on allowing us to reflect on another fantastic year with this fabulous girl gang.

There were lots of other things happening in the church hall this week.  The food bank ended up full to bursting, thank you all so much! There was a collection for the Xmas food hamper, a flurry around the merch stall, and two raffles being touted around, all collecting for SYEDA.  The lovely Fiona had baked her first ever Parkin, and that soon disappeared from the tea trolley, thank you it was lovely!!

Once all the flurry had died down we had Jane from Mind Body Feeling to bring us all back to a state of calm and Zen.  Despite the palpable Xmas stress and the chill of the church, we were soon all relaxed and reflective as she led us in meditation and mindfulness.  I am a real believer in the power of living in the moment and I really enjoyed the session and the chance to reflect and regroup. That’s not to say I wasn’t thinking oooh dog food, or oooh I need to get the car booked in the garage, but bringing yourself back into the present is really good practice for all of us and I think Jane had some good little learning techniques for us all to take away and give a go.  Simple breathing techniques and appreciating our food while we eat it, obvious techniques that make a real difference so i for one really enjoyed the talk.

Another meeting done and dusted, all ready for next months Xmas special, happy SHWIers who won big or small in the raffles drifting out into the night, oh and a special mention to Grace for leading us in a rousing rendition of Jerusalem, its WI but not as you know it, and I for one cant wait for next year.



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