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Gift Bags

So we had planned for Mary Jane Baxter to come see us in the church this June, but obviously that wasn't possible at the moment... so instead she visited us via Zoom!

Mary Jane showed us how to make a gift bag from things we have around the house.

For the tutorial we needed:

A sheet of A4 sized paper (you can make the bags any size but that’s a good size to start with) or any page from a magazine or music, a map, or a sheet of newspaper doubled up and stuck to itself. Scissors, glue and a hole punch (it was much easier with one)

It was a brilliant meeting where MJB chatted about the work she has done in the past with the BBC, couch surfing for stop over nights! and some of the incredible items she has started to make now she has more time to concentrate on them. She gave us a sneak preview to her new book: Sew on the go: A makers journey.

It was a good little tutorial and we shall now all be making gift bags instead of wrapping in the future!


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