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Happy birthday SHWI!

Our beloved WI turned 8 last month, and we celebrated in style with member Di’s Famous SHWI Pie (quite literally, it’s in a nationally available cookbook), which lasted all of about 3.5 minutes.

Before and after…

There was also plenty of delicious cake of course, it was our birthday after all! And obviously there’s no way I’m passing up the chance to share a Colin the Caterpillar photo…

Birthday cake!

Business as usual came first, and it was a big one this month as at the start of the meeting this year’s wonderful president Grace handed over the baton to the fantastic and enigmatic Laura B-H. Grace has done an absolutely amazing job and we all wish her lots of love as she steps down from the presidency. We’re all excited to see what Laura will bring to the role though and I have a feeling it’s going to be a corker of a year!

VP Rachel and Grace

On to the meeting activity which this month was led by our very own Bex, who taught us all about the history of Dorset buttons, a crafted style of button originating from the county of Dorset, would you believe! We learnt that one of the most popular buttons amongst our 18th century contemporaries was the Dorset knob (also, amusingly, a rare type of biscuit).

Unsure which of these, if any, is a knob…

We then had a crack at making our own brooch version of the Dorset button, with varying degrees of success it has to be said – me personally needing 4 different people to get me as far as having a threaded needle (it had been a long day) but with many others around the room creating beautiful and delicate designs which looked stunning once finished! So simple once you get the hang of it but a very effective little craft and a well-timed lesson for us to all get going on some unique stocking fillers. Thank you Bex for your fun, informative and very patient tuition!

Here’s to another brilliant year with this amazing girl gang!

Laura Rangeley Communications Co-Ordinator


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