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NFWI Resolutions Shortlist 2023-24 Released!

NFWI has now released the shortlisted resolutions for 2023-24 which were chosen by member and federation delegates at the Resolution Shortlist Selection meeting held earlier this month.

The shortlist has now been checked by the NFWI solicitors, and any changes in wording have been agreed with the WI proposers.

The shortlisted resolutions are now ready to be taken forward for further debate and selection by you, the members, supported by briefing materials and resources provided by NFWI. These will be available on MyWI from 2 November.

The shortlisted resolutions will be covered in more detail in the upcoming November issue of WI Life, which will also include the selection slip and selection instructions.

The four shortlisted resolutions are:

  1. Dental Health Matters

  2. Impacts of poor housing conditions

  3. Say ‘no’ to gambling advertising

  4. Improving Outcomes for Women in the Criminal Justice System

Watch your letterbox for WI Life! All WI Secretaries will also be receiving an explanatory letter from CFWI regarding the selection process; this will be included in the mailing due to go out at the end of this month.

You may be interested in having a look at the Resolutions Process Timetable – this explains what happens at every stage, and how a resolution goes from being submitted by a WI to being voted on at the NFWI Annual Meeting.


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