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SHWI 2020 begins!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

As usual Marilyn and Maddie are at the door to welcome new and old, pointing people in the direction of the signing up table and the tea trolley. There is a real buzz of anticipation and the craft stations are being set up.

Rachel is taking some time to herself this month, so the lovely Bex steps up as VP to welcome us to SHWI 2020, given newcomers a brief introduction and a summary of what is ahead. Official business over and due to popular demand (from me for one!) Laura  gives us a whistle stop history lesson of the birth of the WI. I personally did not know where this wonderful sisterhood came from so I found it really interesting to hear how it all began, how it developed and also how SHWI started ten years ago.

I had been asked to have a little chat with some new members to find out why they had ventured into the church, so, cuppa and excellent vegan sausage roll in hand, I had a wander and sought out some new faces. One lady explained that she had returned to Sheffield after a few years away and was simply looking for some new things to do and people to meet, and one other newbie said she was looking to meet some like minded bad ass women!! I think she is in the right place!

The meeting tonight felt really fresh, people were mingling and chatting, Cat was jumping around with bunting triangles as bra tops shouting ‘I’m Hilda!!’ and, despite a panic when there were no pencils for the relaxing colouring in station…………….DONT STRESS EVERYONE!!!! , the groups soon settled down and chose their respective crafts.

I was personally on a mission to learn to crochet, so I made a beeline for the corner settee where Laura was ensconced, yarn and hooks in hand. I believe there was also bunting being made, some mug painting and clay making, and everyone seemed to be crafting away happily. I am VERY challenged when it comes to craft so I was thrilled when I actually seemed to get the hang of crocheting, with very patient tutorage by Laura and enthusiastic input from Marilyn and Wendy I made my very first chain. And I am, pardon the pun, hooked!!

In addition to the crafting, as usual the food bank was being filled, the Christmas present swap table seemed to be proving popular and I had a good root through the Blind Date with a Book table, where I picked up an excellent thriller, recommended by Fiona for just a pound!! Have a look next time and see what is on offer, peeking is allowed, honest.

Really looking forward to February and seeing all the new members again as we settle into another wonderful year of SHWI. See you there!!



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