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SHWI meets the Coupon Kid

Our guest speaker at our August meeting was ‘The Coupon Kid’ Jordon Cox.

Jordon tries out his new selfie stick!

Jordon features regularly in national newspapers and on TV for his amazing low cost or free shops by using coupons and in store offers.

Everyone listened intently to the presentation showing all the tricks for combining coupons and offers to get great savings, we even had a few shocked gasps from the group at some of the amazing shops Jordon had done for a couple of pounds.

One of Jordon’s biggest savings was for a shop for charity. He was able to shop for enough food to supply several families in need with a hamper for little cost due to using coupons and with the support of a friendly supermarket manager who helped by reserving a till for the numerous transactions required to get the best deals.

Coupons can be found in a number of places: 1. Supermarket free magazine 2. On packaging, look out for stickers, hang tags and coupons inside packaging. 3. Internet sites, for the companies and some manufacturers. 4. Market research companies (such as Orchard at Tesco and BzzAgent). 5. Where they are doing promotions in supermarket car parks etc. 6. Newspapers and Magazines (if you use public transport pick up the Metro – it is free and sometimes has coupons in it).

Coupons are out there, you can find them by just devoting a few minutes to it each day and save a lot of money.

The other ways to save are cashback apps, the main ones are Shopitize, Checkout Smart and Top Cashback. You buy the items, take a photo of your receipt and upload it. Once you have collected so much you can withdraw it by PayPal or BACS to your bank. If an item appears on more than one app at the same time you can still claim on each of them and also claim if you have already used a coupon in store which means sometimes things may be free or you might even be paid to take them out of the shop.

Overage is where a coupon is for more than the current price of the item in the shop the extra will be used against the rest of your shop.

Jordon stressed things are only a bargain if you need them, so don’t use a coupon just for the sake of it and be patient until a good offer is there. He did confess to buying a lot of women’s hair removal product which is just sat in his stockpile, but in his defence he was getting 20p overage per pack so was effectively getting paid to take it away so it was OK in those circumstances.

Couponing can save you pounds but if you can get a non-perishable for free or a very small amount but it isn’t something you use, consider if a charity or food bank can use it and donate it.

Jordon has put all the website details on our Facebook page. If you like to try new products, sign up for The Orchard at Tesco and Bzzagent, You fill in a few questionnaires and if you are selected, you get products through the post to try and coupons for friends and family to try them, Orchard usually send vouchers to spend in Tesco and you get some choice about what you have out of the range they are promoting. For both all you have to do in return is post on Facebook and write short reviews and a questionnaire after the campaign.

I know we all learned a lot from the talk and some members were very surprised about how much you can save from couponing.

Liz Needes Committee member


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