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A beehive, victory rolls, hairspray and bobby pins…

Laura and Vicky looking lovely with their new old hairstyles!

Another month has passed and another meeting of Seven Hills Women’s Institute was here, this time with extra hairspray and bobby pins. The excitement of having the coolest building in Sheffield has yet to wear thin and I still get giddy when I walk through into the main conference area where our meetings take place. 

The lovely Nikki-Lee works  her magic on Vicky

This month’s speaker was Nikki-Lee Hampton from Kojo & Lee, hair stylist and owner of the coolest beehive in South Yorkshire. She was going to show us how to rock our own vintage hair styles. We were also joined by Lisa Stevenson, a SHWI member who’s been away for a while to produce our newest and youngest member, three month old Victoria Jane. I was pleased as punch to give the kid a cuddle. 

After the normal natter, obligatory cup of tea and one of Laura Bainbridge’s cupcakes (this month’s flavour: Coconut and Pandan), it was business time. After Lindsay’s usual updates and important South Yorkshire Federation info from Kim, it was time for Nikki-Lee to do her thing. 

Laura Bainbridge and Vicky Porteous were the willing participants, receiving a beehive and victory rolls respectively. Laura’s hair was put in rollers and then released, back-combed and hairsprayed to the max until she looked like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Nikki then teased the backcombed hair into the famous beehive shape and clipped it in place. It looked awesome. 

Vicky’s hair was moussed and then put in rollers, to give her hair some volume but also to help the hair curl easily into the rolls. Nikki made a three rolls at the front and used bobby pins to make them stay in shape. It looked beautiful and lots of us remarked that she should definitely have this style for her upcoming wedding! 

We all did each other’s hair…

After the demo, it was our turn to try Nikki’s techniques on each other. I paired with Zoe and tried to give her a beehive, almost choking her with Elnett. Honestly, it’s a good job we’re not allowed to smoke indoors – Electric Works would have been up in flames. 

Much fun was had by all and we do have some impressive stylists in the room! After thanking Nikki-Lee and a quick tidy, we trotted off to the Leadmill to take our photo for the SHWI Calendar. Laura got a great shot and we wrapped up before the rain began to pour. 

Another meeting was over, but time draws nigh until our SHWI Dining Club Tudor Feast! We will sup our victuals at the Showroom Cinema on Friday 24 May with a banquet of Henry VIII proportions. Fling caution to yonder winds and fare thee well!

Kirsty Bowen

SHWI Committee

**Kojo and Lee is based upstairs at the Great Gatsby pub on Division Street and is open on Thursdays and Fridays. More info.**


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