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Hello, Ruth here.

Hands up who doesn’t love a freebie?

Anyone? Anyone?

Nope, thought not. I definitely do love a freebie, so I was more than a little excited to find a bag of fragrance samples and No.7 goodies on our each of our chairs upon entering the meeting room at Electric Works for May’s meeting. Yes, this month was all about beauty as we were joined by Meadowhall’s No.7 consultants, Clare and Natasha.

No.7 goodies were brought along

After Lindsay and Kim (our President and Secretary) gave their updates on local and national WI news, including welcoming new members to the committee, we were each given the opportunity to be colour-matched using the swanky No.7 Match Made machine. Essentially, it takes a picture of your skin, and then tells you which one of their foundation shades is most suitable for you. 

Members find out their perfect shade in the break

After the break, it was down to the real beauty business. Lots of hands shot up when Clare asked for two volunteers to help during her talk and Victoria was chosen to receive a skincare consultation. As an avid skincare fan, I was interested to find out about the No.7 take on cleansing, toning and moisturising, and I was particularly pleased to hear that they don’t advocate the use of face wipes (*cough* even though they sell them *cough*). Clare shared some other useful tips, including how exfoliating a couple of times a week will remove dead skin cells and help improve absorption of products, and she talked about the importance of wearing facial sunscreen rather than relying on a moisturiser with SPF which won’t provide adequate protection.

Amy gets her new look

Next up, member Amy was treated to a makeover. As someone who doesn’t usually wear much make-up she wanted a natural look, which Clare achieved through a sheer base and neutral tones on the eyes, lips and cheeks. Once again, multi-tasking Clare shared some useful snippets with the rest of us whilst working her magic on Amy. Members seemed particularly keen to find out more about primer, which Clare advised can smooth out uneven complexions and add longevity to your usual base. The other burning question was about eyebrows. As someone cursed with straggly albino brows, I’ve long known the face-lifting benefits of adding colour and shape to my brows, and Clare advised us on how to achieve a natural look whilst avoiding the dreaded Scouse Brow – never a good look.

The primer was a relevation to some of the audience

At the end of the meeting we were offered the chance to receive our own skincare and make-up consultations at the No.7 counter, along with a pleasing 10% off all No.7 products. It was no surprise that a long queue quickly formed as members lined up to get their consultation booked in. A sign of an enjoyable talk me thinks.

 Ruth Kirkman

SHWI Committee member

For more beauty news, reviews and make-up tips, read Ruth’s blog – The Beauty Scriptures – and like The Beauty Scriptures Facebook page.


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