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Currer Laithe - SHWI Getaway

Last weekend was the Seven Hills WI Getaway at Currer Laithe. For those of you who haven’t been yet, Currer Laithe is an active 16th century farmhouse in the bleak North Yorkshire Moors, owned and run by the Brown Sisters, Jean and Margaret, who have a combined age of around 180 years. To ensure the future of the farm, the Browns have entrusted the property to the National Trust.

A quick dive into the farm’s past shows that the Brown family acquired the farm in 1929, but were unable to live there until the late 50s, meaning it fell into disrepair. When they finally moved, the window frames were rotten, there was no glass in the windows and snow was blowing into the house. Their mother made carpets from old coats and Jean and Margaret used the ruined wood to kindle a fire and got to work on making Currer Laithe a home. To us, a SHWI home we’ve all grown to love.

Since their father passed, Currer Laithe has been a matriarchy in the Moors. The farm was so isolated initially that the sisters themselves built the path that connects the farm to the outside world. Jean has written a number of books on life at Currer Laithe, she worked as a head teacher at a local school, and both sisters were heavily involved in the Girl Guides. With all this history of strong, independent women and tales of sisterhood, it’s an amazing place to visit for SHWI’s Autumn getaway. The fact we go in October when the nights are long and Halloween is just around the corner makes the stay even more memorable. The farm is just a short stomp over the hills from where the Bronte sisters lived, the landscape is filled with intrigue and tales of spirits - but the Brown sisters insist it’s their father’s presence they notice around the farm!

It’s a chance for all your Wuthering Heights fantasies to be fulfilled, and a perfect setting for SHWI shenanigans including potlucks, communal roasts, day trips to the surrounding towns and villages, crafternoons and usually a ruckus fancy dress on the Saturday night. Wholesome!


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