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Flying Fish Polymer Clay

September’s Meeting with Flying Fish Polymer Clay If you know anything about SHWI, you’ll know that we like to get our craft on, and what better way to do that than with Hannah from Flying Fish Studio? Flying Fish studio is an award-winning art-space in Sheffield focusing on well-being and creative enjoyment. Hannah offers a variety of services ranging from adult workshops to home-school art lessons and bespoke sessions in all kinds of materials such as glass, metalwork, felt and clay. Hannah joined us at our meeting hub in St Andrew’s Church in Sheffield Center one September evening, and brought with her piles and piles of brightly coloured polymer clay (1,232 pieces to be precise!), and lots of tools for us to work with. Under her excellent guidance we learned to blend, marble and explore our creative side with these tiny squares of clay.

We’re a varied and colourful bunch at SHWI and this definitely shone through in the massive assortment of things that were created at our fingertips. There were neon pink earrings, bold statement necklaces, tiny plates of food that looked good enough to eat and cute children’s name labels for bedroom doors.

At the end of the meeting we all left with Tupperware filled with our projects, and carefully prepared instructions from Hannah on how to bake them before using them. So if you find yourself admiring a jazzy polymer clay necklace adorned by a Sheffield lady - you could just be meeting a fellow SHWIster.

Thanks so much for joining us Hannah! For more information on Hannah’s services, please check out her website or IG.


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