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From Arctic Monkeys to Seven Hills WI…

Committee members Anna, Sarah, Lindsay and Katie with Timm (and an NME Award)

February’s meeting was my first in the Electric Works and my second as a fully paid up member of the WI. So, after unpacking my short bread biscuits and leaving them with some very delicious mojito mini cupcakes I went to explore the new home of SHWI and was surprised with the building. I won’t bore you with the details again as Laura did a great job of describing the Electric Works in January’s blog, however I feel the need to say HELTER SKELTER!

We were very lucky this month and did not only have the planned speaker, but we also had Jo Davison from the Star newspaper. She talked to us about a new women’s supplement that she is working on and how she would like us to be involved. Many SHWI ladies gave Jo their details so they can get involved in doing things like baking features, beauty and “the last five things I bought” (I couldn’t do that, I have to sneak many of my purchases home and then if anyone asks claim I have had it for ages…!).

Some of Timm’s a famous album cover?

This month’s speaker was Timm Cleasby and he spent time talking about his life as Tour Manager for Sheffield’s own Arctic Monkeys, who he worked with for five years and saw rise to huge fame. Timm’s career so far has also included DJing at the Leadmill (where he met his wife whilst hanging out of the DJ box!), going on tour with Bon Jovi and the Darkness, and now being the festival director for Tramlines, managing Sheffield band Dead Sons, and running a successful photography business (…busy guy! A recurring theme throughout Timm’s story was how he set himself goals, reached each one, and the rollercoaster that journey was. Throughout his speech there was a reel of photos which were taken by Timm during his many adventures and the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ was definitely true of those that Timm shared with us. February’s meeting also gave us a chance to vote on the charity we will support in 2013. Our President, Lindsay, gave an honest, moving explanation about the charity that she had nominated and the reasons why (the Parents’ Association of Children with Tumours and Leukaemia – PACT- because her three year old niece has been battling cancer since last summer). I did well up towards the end of this, and so did many others, and I’m pleased to say that PACT won after the voting was completed during the break.

Jo Davison talks to us

Also during the break some of the committee members had their pictures taken for this blog and it would seem that there are some potential models on the committee (I won’t go into detail about what kind of model).

Finally, if anyone hasn’t bought their SHWI Women’s Day event ticket, there are still some left. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate women, drink cocktails and meet Jane Robinson? These are selling quickly, so get yours now!

Janine, SHWI member


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