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Happy birthday to SHWI!

Happy birthday to us!

I had been really looking forward to SHWI’s third birthday, and to celebrating it with my fellow WIers. Having joined the group in its second year, I’ve only been to one other birthday which has been great. It always seems to bring in loads of members and is a great chance to meet those I don’t see so often. Plus it’s a night which always highlights just how great the group of women in SHWI are!

This year I arrived to a full house (or church hall…) with members clamouring to pay for another year’s membership. This added to the excitement with thoughts of what is to come in the next year and the possibilities for new members, especially when our new venue for 2013 was announced as the Electric Works which will allow for a further 25 members. I can’t wait to meet more fab women! We also received a free SHWI badge when we paid, so we could ‘represent’ (as the kids say nowadays….I think). 

Bollywood dancing with Sara from Underground Fitness

Once all the exciting news had been announced we all prepared for the activity of the night- Bollywood dancing lead by Sara from Underground Fitness on Ecclesall Road South. However, by this time, all of the curry we had ordered for after the dancing had arrived and was keeping warm around the room; I really just wanted to dive into that!  The dance instructor began by splitting us up into two groups- I decided I’d go in the group for the more energetic dancers; being a runner I thought I wouldn’t have any trouble keeping up! However, starting the first dance, there was no time for practice  We were plunged into a fast and bouncy Bollywood routine which involved much shaking of hips and bounding from side to side. It was really enjoyable, but I imagine more so for those who harboured some coordination (i.e. not me!). After watching the ladies in the ‘easy’ group (it didn’t look easy!) I was very impressed with my fellow member’s skills! It looked so good seeing such a big group dancing together- and trying hard at it aswell!  After attempting a few more routines myself (there was no let up!) I decided to just enjoy mingling with other ladies whilst watching the dancing. It was a great atmosphere, and everyone seemed excited and happy to be part of something so lovely.

Vicky’s amazing cake

Finally the announcement came for food to be served…I dived to the front of the queue and we all made our way along the fantastic looking curries and accompaniments from Darbaar in Hillsborough laid out before us. Every single dish was delicious, with something for everyone. And at only two quid each there were no complaints!  I could easily take up the next 20 lines reviewing the food, but take it as this- it was so good I could have had thirds (I had seconds obviously…) So after admiring the almost-too-beautiful-to-eat cake made by our very own Vicky Porteous (Mary Berry had better watch out) and bidding farewell til next time to my fellow SHWIers, I walked home, content and exhausted, but most of all, excited to experience the future of SHWI into 2013 and beyond… Grace Tebbutt Seven Hills WI Committee

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