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“Magic” Magid – Lord Mayor of Sheffield

February already and what is probably going to be the most anticipated and talked about meeting of the year. We have the infamous Lord Mayor of Sheffield coming to talk to us, Magic Majid, and the atmosphere is charged. Not least because we’re all ever so slightly worried he won’t show up , apparently he’s got previous……

So no tables and chairs to be moved this month and I settle near the front with a cuppa, excited to see the hall packed to the rafters and buzzing. Rachel runs through the business of the day perfectly as we now expect. This includes quite an emotional run through the charities up for grabs to be our chosen good cause for the year. I think most of us had a little shiver at one in particular and all I will say is, it was an easy choice at least for myself.

Anyway, heads start to turn and the whisper “he’s here” gets louder!! Majid is resplendent in yellow, trademark backwards cap, tick, and his amazing chain!! Get yersen a cuppa kid , we’ll just be ten minutes. Much frivolity putting his mic on (are you turned on joke, standard ) and then he nearly knocked the lost gin off the table.

Cue the front row leaping forward and shouts of the giiiinnnnnnn…. but it was fine. Phew.

What follows is the most fascinating and engaging forty minutes talk. Through his arrival in Sheffield aged 5 not speaking a word of English, to ending up at Hull Uni studying Aquatic Zoology (no me neither) and gaining his name Magic Majid (the submission magician) as his MMA moniker, it certainly is a journey this young man has been on. Funny, honest, brave, committed, he certainly impressed me and I hope changed a few minds in the audience.


He was happy to answer all questions, and cover the areas that he is criticised on. Things were starting to wind down when the question of the night arrived from LBH. Majid’s trademark squat on a table pose for mayoral pics has caused some controversy, is it disrespectful people ask, so great, Laura is about to get to the, ahem, bottom of that…

But no , what comes from the floor is “have you ever broken wind mid squat?” To be fair to the bloke he is stunned into silence briefly but then he laughs and answers truthfully – that no, not yet, and hopefully never!! What a guy!!

He then waits patiently as we queue for selfies, a really impressive young man whose next steps will surely be interesting to watch.

Hardly time to mention the roaring success of Blind Date with a Book , try it next month if you feel you missed out. I came away with a great book that I’m really enjoying that I never would have chosen. Really great idea!!

So that’s February ! And the wonderful world of SHWI. See you next month ladies.

Jane x


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