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Sheffield loves a bit of sauce…..and so does SHWI!

Our June meeting saw us being joined by Ian Reddington, actor, former Tricky Dicky (never died on screen!) and film maker, to screen his documentary ‘Relish’!

SHWI members with Ian

Henderson’s Relish (aka Hendo’s) is a Sheffield legend –  a condiment-based elixir which holds a special place in the hearts of Sheffielders.

Ian, like the majority of natives to the city, grew up with Henderson’s Relish and had fond memories of the factory in the city centre and the sauce in the cupboard at home. He became fascinated with the factory as a child and intrigued by it as you never saw anyone go in or come out. Much like the Wonka factory!

Ian wanted to explore what Hendo’s means to Sheffielders, why it’s regarded with such fondness and also what the secret ingredient is too.

He took us behind the scenes at the Hendo’s HQ, interviewing the family who have owned the factory and manufactured the special sauce since 1885. He attempted to solve the mystery of the secret ingredient….it still remains a closely guarded secret! The patriarch of the family used to add it in his office in a covert fashion. However since his death, the secret sauce baton has been passed on to his grandson who travels to the factory to add it to a batch or two! Amazing additional factoid – the production at the factory still consists of just three staff!

Ian enlisted local celebs and faces about Sheff including – Richard Hawley, Pete McKee, Heaven 17 and the legendary Bobby Knutt amongst others to share the Hendo’s love and speculate upon the magic additive. Bobby Knutt even shared his lamb with Hendo’s recipe, describing it as a ‘culinary orgasm’! (Will leave you with that one….some things you can’t un-hear!!). 

Hendo’s has expanded over the years, despite no real marketing strategy or budget….word of mouth has spread far and wide! The family were asked to stock it at the prestigious Fortnum and Mason’s but declined as it cost too much in postage to send to that London. However, it can be located in the aisles of Morrison’s at Skeg Vegas!

The doc was funny, touching and a great insight into Sheffield’s special sauce……and we still don’t have a clue what the secret ingredient is! Do you?!

Nicola Treby SHWI committee member


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