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SHWI Dance

Feeling refreshed after our summer holidays, we welcomed the fabulous Sarah Hardy from PerformiX Studios to our August meeting. We pensively took to the floor, jostling for a position at the back of the hall as Sarah introduced herself. She energetically guided us through a series of shimmies, head flicks and dips to Beyonce’s ‘Run the World’ and ‘Single Ladies’.

We may not have been to time, and we may have forgotten one or two of the moves, but Sarah coaxed out our inner sass, and lots of laughs. Any self-consciousness that may have been present at the start of the session was shown the door, even allowing our final performance to be filmed. All that was missing were the leotards. Yasss Queens! So next time you hear Queen B and a group of ladies start to strut their stuff, it’s probably just the members of SHWI shaking their thing. So big thanks to Sarah for a really fun, friendly and sassy session!

Maddie Lamb, SHWI member


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