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I’m sorry for being rubbish and not updating this since October. I have a good excuse cos I bought a house so I was very busy sorting all that out, then it was Christmas and, well, you know how it is. I will try and update this more regularly now. Promise.

Ok, so here’s a quick summary of what’s been going on in our WI world:

November’s meeting: we were let down at the last minute again by our speaker so our lovely Vice Pres, Lisa McCalla, stepped in and did a talk on looking and feeling good.

December: We made lovely snowflake paper decorations thanks to Sarah Mellor and Sarah Hague, and then had a quiz, yummy baking competition and people bingo.

January: Bellydancing! Awesome.

Coming up this month is Burlesque, oooh! And in March we’ve got Barnsley author Milly Johnson coming to talk to us.

It’s busy, busy, busy, got to go design the programme now…byeee! x


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