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The Acorn & Mouse Families

Gez Robinson is a brilliant amateur wildlife photographer that came to talk and show us some of his work and projects.

A few years ago he decided to create the Acorn People, elaborating on the figures he'd make as a kid. They are a heart warming little family that go on some real adventures around the Peak District and beyond. His grand-children get involved and he can make new additions within a matter of minutes and give them such big personalities!

Gez has had some real fun over the years expanding their adventures. They have even become part of his other project, 'The mouse family that live by the brambles'.

With being an avid wild life lover, Gez's garden has evolved to include some of Britain's best wildlife. Some of those creatures are mice. He educated us that in the wild the average life span of a mouse is 3 months. So he set himself a challenge, to ensure the mice in his garden live their best lives, with everything they would need to thrive. He can proudly say this endeavour is working, as the Bramble Bush Family are have members nearly 2 years old and are constantly growing, living opposite of the Honeysuckle Family!

The mice has a home built stone wall, a kettle house, shops, access to the bird feeders, water, and so much more! We were excited to get our hands on a book that Gez has worked hard to create with the assistance of an author that is all about the Bramble family, and proceeds go to the Alzheimer's Society.

The whole talk was just wholesome and he certainly got lots of new followers on his pages!


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