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WI Resolutions – Making a difference on issues that matter to you

Every year all WI members are given the opportunity to suggest issues as ‘resolutions’ for the national organisation to campaign on. This is a chance to take forward a personal concern and develop it into a national campaign once adopted at the NFWI Annual Meeting.

It’s the time of year to put forward resolutions so if you have great idea for a resolution or would like further information, please read on…

What makes a good resolution?

·         Is it topical and does it fit with current areas of public interest?

·         Does it have clear and realistic targets?

·         Would the change bring a meaningful and sensible outcome?

·         Does it reflect the current situation?

·         Is it based on accurate data?

·         Is there an opportunity to obtain positive media coverage?

·         Does it fit with the overall WI vision?

If you need some inspiration, here are details of other campaigns the WI is involved in…

Support is available through your WI group, our local Federation and Federation Resolution Advisors.  The deadline for submission of resolutions is 12 September. Full details and submission forms are available here.

Any questions please email us 

Kim x

SHWI Secretary


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